Saturday, November 7, 2009

Natural Home Remedies

Acne is a sort of skin infection or we can say a skin disorder that causes lots of worries to the patients like, anxiety, infection, sadness, hypertension, irritation etc. As a result many people feel a lack of confidence in their personal and as well as professional lives. Now the question arises is that, How can we cure acnehome remedies for acne : completely? So I have written some

Prepare a paste of Neem leaves with turmeric and apply it over your acne affected areas. After this just leave your face for 20 minutes and after 20 minutes washes off your face. Within very short time period, you will see positive changes on your face.

On regular basis, wash your face with warm water and a soft soap. This method will help you to get rid of pimples, because by washing face with warm water, all dirt and oil will be removed from your face.

Make a paste of Sandalwood, turmeric and rosewater and gently apply on your pimple areas. This acne treatment method is very effective and pure method for healing acne and you can easily get rid of acne and other skin problems.

Doctors also prefer to take Aloe Vera juice on regular basis, so take Aloe Vera juice and I am sure your pimples would definitely be removed.

In order to cure pimples, you can apply eggs on the affected areas and also apply the paste of Groundnut oil and fresh lime juice.

Use anti-bacterial for curing acne like turmeric and avoid oily food and habit of irregular eating. Secondly take the non oily low fat food like green vegetables, pulses, sprouts, juice etc.

The above acne remedies are very effectual.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Take Vitamin A, E

Acne is that type of problem which every teenage girl or boy have to face. Acne problem can be called by many different names such as pimples, blackheads. It affects various body parts such as head, neck, face and back portion. But there are many other treatment ways for curing acne such as herbal acne treatment, natural acne treatment and people can easily cure pimples by using these treatment ways.

Acne is that type of problem which every teenage girl or boy have to face. Acne problem can be called by many different names such as pimples, blackheads. It affects various body parts such as head, neck, face and back portion. But there are many other treatment solutions for curing acne such as herbal acne treatment, natural acne treatment, which are very helpful for removing the acne problems.

In order to cure acne, the sufferer person must drink lots of water in whole day i.e. eight glass water in a day. The next treatment is that; eat vegetables and fruits in large quantity. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of water and water is very essential for the human body. Another homemade treatment includes oatmeal mask, which the sufferer person has to apply on their face once or twice a week. Wait until the oatmeal got dry and after it got dry just wash it off with clean water.

Take Sunbath and Use Natural Oil

Another homemade treatment for healing acne problem is that, try to take sunbath daily. Sunshine is very essential for the human body and it gives strength and energy to the body and it kills the microorganisms on the body that causes acne. Several other treatment programs are there for the acne disease, such as use bergamot oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, rosewood oil. Apply any of these oils on the affected area before going to the bed. In the morning time just wash the face with a soap and clean water.

These types of treatment are home treatment which can be applied easily. In homemade treatment for acne, there is no need to invest huge money because it is a natural treatment procedure. By applying natural things or products on the face, the person can overcome the acne crisis. Many teenagers are facing this sort of crisis, but by using these natural treatment methods; acne problem can be completely finished.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ways To Cure Acne And Pimples

There are many ways to cure acne and pimples, few of them I am mentioning below:

Use Cleanser
Use good cleanser regularly in the morning and as well as in the night. There are so many good quality products available in the market at very less price, so never buy cheap products as it can damage your skin.

Drink Water
Drink at least 8 -10 glass of water daily, as it is the best remedy to cure mild acne and pimples. Never drink soda and other harmful drinks because these drinks contain very harmful chemicals and it causes further growth in acne, zits and papules.

Eat Greens
A proper healthy diet is very important which include green vegetables and fruits containing anti-oxidants. Lots of vegetables and fruits which contain plenty of anti-oxidants are as follows: beans, spinach, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, cherry, peach apple, grape, melon and kiwi fruit etc.

Take Shower
Take shower at least twice a day regularly as it will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Wash your face with clean water four to five times a day and clean your face very gently.

Stress Control
Try to control your stress as it is the most significant factor for rise in the skin problems such as acne and pimples. Do some meditation and other physical activity for controlling stress and depression.

Green Tea
The best natural acne curing remedy is green tea and its consumption can definitely heal all skin troubles. It is very rich in antioxidants and that help in curing the skin problems such acne marks, dark circles and blackheads.

Sleep tight
Most important thing is that, sleep well and do apply cleanser while you go to bed. After few days you will surely see a change in your skin and the acne affected area.

Proper Diet
Stop consuming oily, deep fried and fatty foods such as burger, pizza etc. These oily products are very dangerous for the acne affected people as the regular consumption of these products can causes more skin problems.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Important Tips to Cure Acne

Nowadays many youngsters are facing skin problems such as acne, pimples, zits and dry skin problems. Teenagers, who suffer from these problems, feel very low and depress. Many acne curing methods are there such as laser acne treatment, herbal acne treatment but the best acne treatment is homemade acne treatment. Homemade acne treatment is very economical treatment and only homemade products are used in the treatment.

In this treatment, natural products such as honey, lemon juice, oatmeal, tomatoes are used. Patients can without any doubt and hesitation, apply the homemade acne treatment at home itself. Skin doctors also advice the patients to eat green vegetables and drink plenty of water. Acne patients should always take some useful precautions like they will have to avoid the oily and spicy food in order to reduce the occurrence of acne.

People, who consume alcohol, are advised to stop consuming alcohol and even they should stop smoking. Acne and pimples can be easily cured by applying the homemade acne treatment. For curing acne, oatmeal is the best homemade product and it can soak up the extra oil from the skin. People can also use raw eggs and apple to cure the acne worries. These homemade products give slowly result, but the patients can get rid of acne from the root and they can live their lives with confidence.

Homemade acne treatment gives no side effects and the result can be seen within very short period of time. There is no need to take any pill in this treatment process, but the few steps the acne patients have to follow or take i.e. stop oily and junk food, always try to live happily. Secondly do not take stress all the time and do some regular workout to stay healthy and fit. These things will definitely help the acne sufferer people to get rid of acne problems.
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